Rien ne vaut un bon conseil.
Laissez nos beaux-frères vous aider.

Pour des projets de peinture, installation, nettoyage, réparation, rénovation et encore plus, les hommes à tout faire de Beau-frère à louer vous ont concocté quelques conseils. N’hésitez pas à nous partager vos idées et vos commentaires.

Avoid Fires

Remember to check your dryer outlet duct at least twice a year to avoid foam and dust build-up in the duct. Buildup could eventually ignite if it is not evacuated.

Reduce Your Heating Costs

On a cold day, check the wall outlets that are in contact with the outdoors. If you feel a cold breeze, you can easily plug it with specially designed insulators. You can find these insulators in all renovation centers. Very efficient, inexpensive and easy to install yourself.

Protect Your Children From Hazardous Tools

To prevent children from plugging in certain dangerous power tools, install a keychain ring or a small padlock onto the connection eyelet of your power cord. You will secure your power tools and insure the safety and non-connection of your tools.

Block External Entry Points

Caulk orifices and taps and other entry points with insulating foam, available at your local hardware store. To prevent any water, air or insect infiltration, this is the perfect solution for keeping your home safe.

Secure your work when high

When setting up to work outside, be sure to install pieces of plywood under the legs of the ladder to assure a solid and level base.

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